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Granite - the natural product that shows the wonders of the ages - its tough and durable finish is the ideal product to adorn your benchtops in kitchen, alfresco, bathroom or office. The miriad of colours and patterns are endless.
The Darker tones make any classic or contemporary styled kitchen stand out, offering beautiful contrasts of colour and patternsThe medium tones offer a large colour range, including reds to greens, blue' to browns, and golds to creams mother nature displayed at her best
The medium tones offer a large colour range, including reds to greens, blue' to browns, and golds to creams mother nature displayed at her best
the lighter tones give a much more delicate colour range of patterns ranging from pale greys to white, cream to beige, and every colour in between

Granite-Dark Tones
Granite-Medium Tones
Granite-Light Tones

How Granite Benchtops Can Change the Look and Feel of Your Kitchen

Granite is one of the fascinating minerals on this planet. Its beauty is so majestic and unique. With it’s phaneritic and granular texture, it could make your benchtops look amazing. The result is giving your kitchen that extraordinary look.

Granite benchtops are very exquisite and can make any kitchen stand-out. It is always an excellent choice to use granite as benchtops because it adds more flavour to your home. You can choose from three different colour tones that you would like to have for your benchtop. First are the darker tones. Darker tones have beautiful contrasts of colour and patterns. It can make a contemporary or classic styled kitchen exceptional. Secondly, there are medium tones. These tones offer a wide range of colour. And these colours include different shades of green, red, blue, brown, cream, and gold. Giving the homeowners the freedom to select the most pleasant tone for them. Lastly, the lighter tones. They make the benchtops much more delicate. It contains the patterns ranging from pale grey, white, cream, beige.

Its durability makes it resistant to daily life hassles and could be cleaned easily. Some of you might think that granite needs a lot of maintenance, it doesn’t. You can wash it using only mild soap and water. Cleaning granite benchtops doesn’t require that much time and effort. That’s what makes it stand out from other materials used as bench tops. What is more interesting is that granite is really solid that it does not crack or chip easily with proper care.

It also has a great deal of resistance to staining. Even those oil-based liquids can be removed and drawn away from the benchtop. On the other hand, granite is not cheap, but you can never go wrong with granite benchtops because the return on your investment will make you realise that you spent your money on something valuable. When your kitchen is exquisite, it will definitely make you feel at ease. Having granite benchtops is something to be proud of because it makes your kitchen more splendid and it helps you have sharper and calmer thoughts just by looking at the beautiful patterns of your benchtop.

Prioritising your kitchen and considering it as one of the sacred places inside your house is what makes you an incredible homeowner because this is where the magic of family bonding happens. A comfortable space to prepare your meals is significant so we should make sure that our kitchen is warm enough for you and the rest of your family.

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