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Granite Warehouse recommends that you DO NOT make your final selection from the photos on the website but visit us to see Mother Nature’s creation in all her beauty, in full slab to make sure it’s the right material for you.

Our selection of Granite tiles for floors and walls present a range of colours and patterns that show off the strength of Granite that has stood the test of centuries. Their strong and beautiful colours can be used to match or blend with your benchtops.

We hope you enjoy our range of material and have found a colour to fit your need’s, please note with ALL natural material the surface of the finished slab will NOT be like a sheet of glass as the material is made up from a magnitude of different minerals at the time of its birth. Hence the finished surface will depend on the hardness of the different minerals found within the material and can have infusions of different colours, dull spots or even small indentations. Every natural material will be different and have its own pitting pattern on the surface, this does not make it defective in any way but gives each colour its own individuality and you must accept this at the time of your selection.