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How to Choose the Best Granite Benchtop Builder in Perth [Time & Money-Saving Guide]

Looking for a benchtop that’s truly tops? Go with granite from the best builder and installer in the region (here’s how you find them).

Granite is tough, durable, and long-lasting, but benchtops made of granite are much more than just a slab of stone. You’ll want to choose the right colourway as well as the right builder to ensure your counters come out right, but there’s still plenty more to take into account. Wondering how your choice of granite benchtop builder could go wrong? While granite is a natural product, how it is handled, finished, transported, and installed is up to human hands. Plus, the granite needs to be customised and cut down for your exact space and usage requirements. This means you’ll want to go with the best granite benchtop builder in Perth for the job. We’re taking a closer look at granite benchtops and what you’ll want to watch for as you choose your supplier and installer in the details below. If you want to learn more about granite options, check out our other resources: 1. How Much Does Granite Cost in Perth? 2. How Much Do Granite Benchtops Cost? 3. How to Purchase Granite Benchtops 4. The Best Way To Clean Your Granite Benchtop

Granite benchtop builder basics

There is a major difference between buying an as-is countertop and having one custom made. For starters, there are more options that you might imagine to choose from. Granite itself is extremely diverse. Different quarries around the world produce different colours, textures, veins or striation, and speckling that can create one-of-a-kind benchtops. The rarer the colour or designs on the granite, the higher the cost of the actual slab will increase. This is also a factor of demand in Australia where granite is imported globally. A benchtop builder in Perth (a stone  mason) is tasked with turning the perfect slab, specifically chosen by you, into a unique surface that can prepare, host, and accommodate any number of activities in your home. You’ll want them to take the time to consider the measurements of your benchtop as well as the placement of different details on the granite itself. This way, some of the most eye-catching designs or colouration can remain incorporated, rather than cut away as remnants. Granite slabs also need expert handling once they are cut down to size. Polishing and edging makes the surface usable and safe in the home, rather than raw cut or sharp edges. Most often, corners are rounded off but can be mitred depending on preference. Polish not only brings out the natural colors and design in the granite but also protects the surface. Granite is a naturally porous material, and the sealant polish will help keep liquids and anything else that spills on the surface from penetrating the stone. The best granite benchtop builders take all of these factors into consideration and turn raw granite into works of art for your home.

Questions to ask any local Perth granite provider

Choosing your granite is only part of the project. You have to choose the right benchtop builder to do the job affordably, accurately, and artistically. This starts with experience. Ask anyone you are considering for the job how many years they have been working in the industry and specifically cutting and preparing granite benchtops. Next, ask to see a portfolio of work. You want to get a sense of the different finishes, styles, and intricate cuts that could be needed and how they measure up. You can also ask for references to get a sense of what it was like for other customers to work with the benchtop builder throughout the process. As you work to find the best granite benchtop builder for your needs, here are some more questions you should be sure to ask:
  1. Do you provide edging and polishing services?
  2. What finishes are available for my benchtop?
  3. Do you include sealant and supplies?
  4. Can I keep any remnants from the slab? Do you charge extra for that?
  5. Do you charge extra for cuts or cut outs?
  6. How thick will the slab be when it is installed?
  7. What do you use to affix the granite to my cabinetry?
  8. Can you fabricate matching backsplash components?
  9. How do you handle pricing for materials and labor?
  10. Do you offer free estimates and measurements?
  11. Do you have a showroom where I can choose my exact slab?
  12. Are you licensed and insured to work in my home?
  13. What warranties do you offer on materials and labor?

Why going with the pros really matters

If you don’t go with a professional benchtop builder, then what are your options? Well, there’s always the hardware store, but you’re much less likely to get the attention or customisation you’ll want for the project. Other general contractors or remodelling services may also offer benchtops as part of their packages. But be sure to ask every one of the questions above. You may be stuck choosing from remnants the builder already has on hand or being charged to bring in new materials. What’s more, these professionals might know their specialties, but they won’t be as well versed when it comes to building out benchtops with granite.

Going with the best marble & granite supplier in Perth is easy

Granite Warehouse is a wholesale company which has hundreds of slabs of granite, marble and Stellastone to choose from. We have one of the largest selections of granite in WA in a huge variety of colour tones.  We do not manufacture the actual top, only supply the stone, so you will need to come down and choose your colour and then get a stone mason to quote the job you need done. The stone mason will have to do the actual quote using your plan details and your edge selection in order to determine how many slabs are required. You will need to tell your stone mason which Granite, Marble or Stellastone colour you like as the price of your job will vary depending on the size of the slabs and the price range you have chosen from. The Granite Warehouse team has over 40 years of experience in the building industry, with 25 specifically in supplying granite to homes and businesses across Perth. We make sure our customers  have guidance from our staff throughout the selection, design, process so you’re 100% happy with your granite benchtop in the end. Call us on 08 9209 2620 with any questions or to learn how you can get a brand new benchtop at a price you can afford today!