How to Clean Your Granite Benchtop 1

The Best Way To Clean Your Granite Benchtop

Your kitchen is no doubt one of the central hubs of your Perth home. As such a vital space, your kitchen should be durable, functional, and stunning in equal measures. That’s where granite benchtops come in. Known for their slick looks and easy to maintain surfaces, granite benchtops are the pinnacle of modern kitchen design. But, how do you clean them effectively? As one of Perth’s leading granite benchtop suppliers, we’re going to tell you.
How to Clean Your Granite Benchtop

How to Clean Your Granite Benchtop

Cleaning your granite benchtops the right way

If you have granite benchtops or you’re thinking about investing in granite benchtops for your Perth kitchen, here are some essential cleaning tips to keep them shining for years to come.

Dust removal

To remove excessive dust from your benchtops, you should aim to use a dampened microfibre cloth, making even sweeping movements across the surface to remove the initial layer. For the best results, clean the cloth, and give it a second ‘once over’.

Stain prevention

While granite is incredibly difficult to stain, it’s important to clean up any spillages quickly to prevent any long-term marks or blemishes. A cleaner made from natural ingredients and a designated tea towel will help you keep on top of things. For particularly stubborn stains, you should apply a little baking soda to the problem area before getting to work with a robust microfibre cloth.


For a natural buffed shine, you should use a soft, smooth, dry microfibre cloth after you’ve wet-cleaned your surfaces, using circular motions (working from one side to the other) to create a consistent sheen. Not only will this look great but this simple method will also help you extend the life of your worktops.

The kitchen-boosting perks of granite benchtops

Granite kitchen benchtops are getting increasingly popular in Australia— they are the cornerstone of slick modern kitchens. There are many reasons to invest in granite benchtops and for your Perth kitchn, and here are the big ones:
  • Superior looks: granite worktops will make your Perth kitchen look slick and sophisticated while giving it a timeless style.
  • Pure durability:Modern granite benchtops are hugely scratch as well as stain-resistant and can tolerate high levels of heat.
  • Functional & practical: Practical, functional, and forgiving to the touch.
  • Investable material: Granite is durable and will not lose its value, making it an excellent investment for your Perth home.
  • Easy clean: Granite worktops are easy to clean and look after, they’re  99% anti-bacterial too.
The benefits of using Granite Warehouse for your kitchen worktop needs
  • Our granite products are crafted to the highest professional standards using high-quality materials
  • We have 40 years of industry experience—and an excellent track record to boot
  • Our unique business model means we offer high quality and excellent value in one package
  • With a fleet of certified granite experts, our service, support, and aftercare are second to none
So, if you’re looking for a granite benchtop supplier near you, call us on 08 9209 2620 or fill in our fuss-free enquiry form. We look forward to helping you.
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