What NOT to Do with Your Marble Benchtop!

Revered for thousands of years as one of the rarest, finest and most beautiful building materials on earth, marble has managed to maintain its desirable reputation to this day. Having a benchtop made of marble is the epitome of opulence, and is the sort of touch that can turn an already stylish home into a truly stunning one.

All those who have invested in marble benchtops in Perth will want to keep them looking good for as long as possible. And the key to doing that is to treat your marble right. Today we’ll be taking a look at what NOT to do with Perth marble benchtops; the things you should be avoided if you want your marble to continue to be the showpiece of your home.

DO NOT use homemade cleaning concoctions

Your grandmother’s recipe of water, lemon and dish soap is great for the splashback. That vinegar mixture you use in your bathroom works wonders. But you should never use such homemade concoctions on your marble benchtop or splashbacks. Marble is a calcium carbonate and using a mystery liquid designed to break things down (which could be ACIDIC ) can damage the marble.

DO NOT use generic cleaning products

The same goes for generic cleaning products like glass cleaners, mould removers and Spray ‘n Wipe. Using these products can result in discolouration of your marble, or worse. Always use a marble-specific solution to clean your benchtops and bathrooms. Companies like MB Stonecare in America have spent decades researching and creating specialised cleaners and polishes designed to keep marble looking great. Granite Warehouse stocks a huge range of MB Stonecare products and can help you work out which products you require and explain how to use them. Check this link.

DO NOT take maintenance advice from an uncle, a colleague or a friend of a friend

They may be well-meaning, but if they don’t bring professional levels of expertise to the table, they could advise something that does more harm than good. In truth, many stonemasons don’t even know the best way to care for marble! All marble is different, so always take maintenance advice from the manufacturer or marble benchtop supplier in Perth.

DO NOT clean with a scourer

Marble is obviously a hard stone, but its sheen does mean that any minor scratch can be glaringly obvious. Scourers and other abrasive cleaning utensils can scrape away at the marble, damaging the finish.

DO NOT cut food directly on the benchtop

There are two reasons for this. The first is the same as above – to avoid scratches. The second is due to potential acid wear. Marble is susceptible to acid, so cutting or spilling things like tomato, citrus, and vinegar can harm it. Always use a chopping board.

DO NOT place hot items directly on the benchtop

Extremely hot items can cause the stone to crack. Just as you wouldn’t put a pot straight from a lit stovetop onto any other type of benchtop, avoid doing so on marble, or at the very least use a heat mat.

Are you ready to invest in a gorgeous marble benchtop? Perhaps you’re looking to take better care of one that you already own? Granite Warehouse is Perth’s leading supplier of stone and stone care products, and have all that you need to create and care for a spectacular marble kitchen.

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