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Granite Warehouse recommends that you DO NOT make your final selection from the photos on the website but visit us to see the full slab to make sure it’s the right material for you.

Stellastone® is manufactured using silica and quartz agglomerates.

Granite Warehouse is renowned as the number one supplier and distributor of Stellastone® in Perth. Stellastone® is an engineered stone produced by blending sand and natural quartz with space-age polyresins and pigments in a high-tech vacuum compression system utilising a “shake and bake” method.

After the shake and bake process, the result is a substantial building material available in 20mm thick slabs ranging from 3000 x 1400 to 3200 x 1600.

Similar to natural stone, to be able to achieve a superbly finished look, for Stellastone®, its edges can be routed and polished.

Remarkable characteristics of Stellastone® are:

  • Moderately resistant to heat
  • Capacity to withstand moderately high temperatures for concise periods of time without being damaged
  • Resistant to wear and tear or daily routines at home
  • Great colour palette options

Most stones, including Stellastone®, can be damaged by sudden and extreme temperature changes, especially near the edges.

7-Year Limited Warranty

Granite Warehouse, the distributor of Stellastone®, warrants that the Stellastone engineered slab will remain free from any defects arising from its original manufacturer for seven years from the date of installation. The warranty is not transferable, and you can download it here.

For further information on Stellastone®, contact Granite Warehouse by calling them on 08 9209 2620, or you may email them by clicking here.

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We hope you enjoy our range of material and have found a colour to fit your need’s, please note Stellastone is made from natural quartz and can have intrusions of different coloured flecks as found in natural Stone, this does not make it defective in any way but gives each colour its own individuality and you must accept this at the time of your selection.


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