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       "It is said that natural stone is forever . . .
                               and that the beauty of stone is endless!"

In these pages Granite Warehouse presents a selection of granite, marble, limestone, sandstone and Stellastone (engineered stone) images that show the wonderful world of natural and engineered stone. You can come to our Malaga, Perth, warehouse and view over 200 colours!

We also stock a selection of marble and granite fireplaces, floor tiles and inlays.

In our "Our Products" section you will find different Buttons to take you to all the various stones and accessories where you can click on a thumbnail image to view in large format.

Visit our "Mix'n'Match" Page where you can view stones and door panels side-by-side for comparison. Note: Due to the multiple scroll bars required, this will not work on iPads or Phones. Use your laptop or PC.

Whether it be for kitchen benchtop, bathroom vanity, floor or walls, visit our warehouse to see the huge range of beautiful natural stones and our own range of engineered stone, Stellastone... elegant, beautiful, durable and stain resistance - made from a variety of quartz stone and sands.

We also keep large stocks of MB Stone Care Products renowned as the best to keep your natural and engineered stone looking its best. As well, Granite Warehouse are distributors of Aachen Stone Handling Equipment.

MB Stone Care Stellastone Aachen Stone Handling Equipment
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