The Features Benefits of Stone Benchtops

The Features & Benefits of Stone Benchtops

For so many years, Granite Warehouse has been manufacturing and supplying top quality and Australian Made stone benchtops to Perth homes and businesses with features and benefits such as: The Features & Benefits of Stone Benchtops Stone products that look fantastic From striking granite to natural marble, to hi-tech engineered stone: there’s sure to be a stone benchtop to fit your budget and design preferences. Stone benchtops are elegant and timeless and are sure to add to your kitchen’s wow factor (and your home’s value). Timeless Beauty The stone carries elegance, luxury and timeless beauty – that will stand the test of time. It can transform an ugly space into a beautiful environment. Having it around your premises speaks a lot about your taste and lifestyle. Here at Granite warehouse, we manufacture a vast range of stone products including granite, marble, limestone, and stellastone, which is our line of engineered stone specifically designed for Australian homes. At our Perth showroom, you can browse an extensive range of beautiful, top-quality stone in a wide variety of colours, textures, shades, and finishes. Top Quality When it comes to quality, stone has always been one of the most reliable elements you can find in the market since the earliest civilizations. Stone is an excellent investment because of the countless benefits and features it provides. So if you want to add something to your space that will benefit you and your family in the long run – then invest in top quality stone like marble, granite, limestone or engineered stone. Durability Durability is one of the common reasons why Perth home and business owners purchase stone products for their properties. When you buy a durable material, you can be confident that it’s going to serve you for many years to come. Our stone benchtops are remarkably durable and versatile, sourced from the absolute best suppliers of the highest quality materials available on the market. They’re easy to clean and maintain Stone is super-easy to keep looking sparkling new, whatever family life might throw at your kitchen. It’s non-porous, so it doesn’t stain or react to heat, and just a quick wipe is enough to get it looking tip-top, even if you’ve just cooked for a crowd. They’re safe for all the family Stone benchtops don’t require any harsh cleaning products to stay clean and hygienic. They have no nooks and crannies for bacteria to hide in, so you’ll have the peace of mind when you’re feeding a family, even if you have a house full of kids and pets.

Stone Benchtops for Residential & Commercial Use

The Features & Benefits of Stone Benchtops Engineered stone Engineered stone is non-porous and easy to look after. It’s usually more affordable than some other stone options and comes in a wide range of colour and style choices. Because it mixes natural good looks with technology, it can be used pretty much any way you like and fit almost any kitchen design. Granite Granite is exceptionally hard-wearing and effortlessly stylish. And all it needs to keep it looking tip-top and shiny is a little soap and water. Marble Marble is highly desirable. It can be pricier than some other options, but it is naturally beautiful and looks good pretty much anywhere. It is porous and does need a little looking after to keep it looking its best.

Why choose us to supply your stone benchtops in Perth?

Our Perth stone benchtops can be ordered easily online or by visiting our showroom. Whichever option you choose; you’ll get the benefit of all our expert knowledge. We’ve been selling stone benchtops for 25 years, so we do know our stuff. We can help you choose the right stone benchtop for your home and advise you on how to take care of it, keeping it looking its best for many years to come.

Think you can’t afford a stone benchtop?

You might be surprised. We offer low prices on benchtops, with a vast range to choose from and quality raw materials. You’ve got nothing to lose by getting in touch, call us on 08 9209 2620 to get started or send us your enquiry by filling in this form.
What NOT to Do with Your Marble Benchtop

What NOT to Do with Your Marble Benchtop!

Revered for thousands of years as one of the rarest, finest and most beautiful building materials on earth, marble has managed to maintain its desirable reputation to this day. Having a benchtop made of marble is the epitome of opulence, and is the sort of touch that can turn an already stylish home into a truly stunning one. What NOT to Do with Your Marble Benchtop All those who have invested in marble benchtops in Perth will want to keep them looking good for as long as possible. And the key to doing that is to treat your marble right. Today we’ll be taking a look at what NOT to do with Perth marble benchtops; the things you should be avoided if you want your marble to continue to be the showpiece of your home.

DO NOT use homemade cleaning concoctions

Your grandmother’s recipe of water, lemon and dish soap is great for the splashback. That vinegar mixture you use in your bathroom works wonders. But you should never use such homemade concoctions on your marble benchtop. Marble is porous, and using a mystery liquid designed to break things down can damage the stone.

DO NOT use generic cleaning products

The same goes for generic cleaning products like glass cleaners, mould removers and Spray ‘n Wipe. Using these products can result in discolouration of your marble, or worse. Always use a marble-specific solution to clean your benchtops.

DO NOT take maintenance advice from an uncle, a colleague or a friend of a friend

They may be well-meaning, but if they don’t bring professional levels of expertise to the table, they could advise something that does more harm than good. In truth, many stonemasons don’t even know the best way to care for marble! All marble is different, so always take maintenance advice from the manufacturer or marble benchtop supplier in Perth.

DO NOT clean with a scourer

Marble is obviously a hard stone, but its sheen does mean that any minor scratch can be glaringly obvious. Scourers and other abrasive cleaning utensils can scrape away at the marble, damaging the finish.

DO NOT cut food directly on the benchtop

There are two reasons for this. The first is the same as above – to avoid scratches. The second is due to potential acid wear. Marble is susceptible to acid, so cutting or spilling things like tomato, citrus, and vinegar can harm it. Always use a chopping board.

DO NOT place hot items directly on the benchtop

Extremely hot items can cause the stone to crack. Just as you wouldn’t put a pot straight from a lit stovetop onto any other type of benchtop, avoid doing so on marble, or at the very least use a heat mat. Are you ready to invest in a gorgeous marble benchtop? Perhaps you’re looking to take better care of one that you already own? Granite Warehouse is Perth’s leading supplier of stone and stone care products, and have all that you need to create and care for a spectacular marble kitchen. Enquire online now, call our friendly team on 08 9209 2620, or – better yet – come check out WA’s largest natural stone showroom!