Best Kitchen Benchtops Compared (Which One is Your Favourite?!)

Once upon a time, kitchen benchtops were about function only. 
With a focus on practicality, the only thing they were used for was preparing food. Now, modern kitchens are hybrid spaces where families spend time, socialise and unwind. Odds are you and your loved ones do the same. 
Today’s kitchen tops can be a stylish and practical addition to your home, but with endless choices and design styles, the real question is “how do you choose the kitchen benchtop that’s right for you?!” It’s a tough question to answer, we know.
At Granite Warehouse, we specialise in the supply of Granite, Quartzite, Marble, Limestone and our own line of engineered stone, Stellastone. With decades of experience, we’ve helped hundreds of Australian homeowners choose natural and engineered stone products they love – so you’re in good hands.
Whether you’re chasing a modern, contemporary or rustic look, here’s everything you need to know about the best kitchen benchtop options, plus how to choose your own.

Why your kitchen benchtop is MORE than a benchtop…

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Although that’s a common expression, it’s still true. More than a place to make food for your family, the kitchen is a social space where friends and family get together, connect and enjoy time together.
That’s why your choice of benchtop is more than a practical one. Sure, a good surface should offer enough space to prepare food. More than that, your benchtop should be a reflection of you, your tastes and the way you use your kitchen.
For example, a granite top is an eye-catching choice sure to turn heads and reflect your personal style, not to mention the most durable choice. While an engineered top like Stellastone is low-maintenance and stain resistant which is perfect if you can’t handle the thought of doing any yearly maintenance such as sealing. Both offer easy day to day maintenance and can be kept clean with a quick wipe.
So, if your choice in kitchen benchtop needs to reflect more than practical purposes, what should you be looking for?
Read on to find out.

What features to look for in a kitchen benchtop

Australian kitchen designs are always evolving so there’s something to suit all tastes and budgets. The WORST mistake you can make is to choose from a catalogue or Google search based on price alone. When choosing a new kitchen benchtop, be sure to consider the following factors.


The #1 factor beyond choosing a new kitchen bench is your budget. Naturally, certain benchtops will cost more than others (e.g. marble is likely to set you back more than engineered stone). The price you pay typically comes down to scarcity, demand and complexity. Outside of your upfront costs, you’ll also need to think about the long-term ramifications. For example, although an engineered stone surface may cost less than some granites, it does not have the same  lifespan, so the most economical choice may not be as obvious as it seems. It is interesting to note however that some colours of granite can actually be cheaper than using the mid to high price range engineered stones. It all depends on the colour you choose.
GRAB OUR PRICE GUIDE: Here’s how much granite benchtops cost 👈


Now that you’ve narrowed down your budget, you’ll need to make sure your choice in kitchen benchtop ticks the practical boxes you have in mind. Sure, all benches provide a space for preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner. But each material brings unique strengths and weaknesses you’ll need to take into account. For example, a timber surface might look striking but it will be highly susceptible to scratches and scrapes in a way that a durable granite finish won’t be.


The final consideration is how you want your kitchen to look and feel. The average person spends hundreds of hours in the kitchen each year. You’ll likely want that time to be enjoyable and the wrong choice of benchtop can have you cringing every time you go to see what’s in the fridge. For many homeowners, a stone benchtop offers an aesthetic that’s tough to beat. From granite to marble, natural stone adds instant elegance and luxury to any kitchen – though you’ll need to make sure your choice ticks your budget and practical boxes, too.
Still struggling to choose a favourite? We get it.
Read on for a breakdown of the most popular kitchen benchtop options available.

Most popular kitchen benchtops: Your options

From budget to ease of cleaning and durability, it can feel like you’re juggling plenty of non-negotiables when comparing options – and that’s before you get lost down the rabbit hole of comparing pictures and project galleries online.
As Perth’s experts in kitchen benchtops, we have over 200+ types of marble, granite and stone in stock, so it’s safe to say we know our stuff. From laminate to marble (and plenty in between), check out the pros and cons of the top choices available in the market.

#1 – Granite

Granite is as tough and durable as, well… granite! 
A high-end choice, granite adds elegance and luxury to any space and with no two slabs of granite alike, you’ll have a 100% original space with an undeniable ‘WOW’ factor. It’s worth noting that granite is a porous material and that some (not all) granites will require sealing for lasting stain resistance. But with a wide range of styles and designs, the durability of granite means your benchtop can handle everything you (and your family) throw at it for decades to come.
✔ Durable against scratches, stains once sealed, bacteria, heat and mild acids
✔ Easy-to-maintain surface
✔ Stunning variety of colours and styles
✔ Modern or classic appearance
✔ Provides a much higher polished surface than engineered can.
✔ Can come in either polished or a brushed, matt finish
✘ Some granites can have exotic minerals in them forcing them to the higher end of the budget. However many of the granites are a similar price to engineered stone and in some cases cheaper when comparing them to the higher end engineered stone.
✘ Some granites must be sealed to protect against spills and liquids (often the lighter ones) but it is an easy process that doesn’t take long. It’s a simple wipe on application. Many of the black granites don’t need sealing at all.
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#2 – Marble

Marble has been admired and adored for thousands of years – and with good reason! 
The most common reason Australian homeowners opt for marble is for the aesthetic benefits. A marble kitchen benchtop is a classic, timeless and luxurious choice with no equal. 
However, marble is typically the most expensive option (though there are a few medium price range ones) and it is sensitive to acidic foods and spills, so you’ll need to watch out for etch marks (these are still a risk even after sealing). Before you go… here’s what NOT to do with a marble benchtop
✔ Unmatched aesthetics and appearance
✔ Wide range of colours and styles to choose from
✔ Develops character over time
✘ Higher end of the budget, though there are some in the mid price range.
✘ Prone to scratching and etching over time
Learn more about our Marble Benchtop options

#3 – Stellastone

Looking for a more uniform look but with the durability and easy care that stone can provide?  It also won’t require sealing and is resistant to scratches. You’ll love Stellastone.  An engineered stone, Stellastone is created by combining natural quartz (one of the hardest minerals on Earth) and sand with innovative poly resins and pigments. The resulting engineered stone offers durability and uniformity in colours not always found in natural stone. 
✔ Never needs sealing and provides scratch and spill resistance
✔ Near unlimited options for colour, style and patterns
✔ Heat resistance
✘ Samples may not be the exact same as the installed version
✘ Consistency in colour and pattern may make it look unnatural vs. natural stone
Learn more about our Stellastone Benchtop options

#4 – Laminate

Laminate benchtops are made by layering materials using glue or other binding agents (e.g. you might find chipboard, ply or MDF board used). 
This choice offers an alternative to natural stone with more affordable benchtops that also offer design flexibility with the top layer made to look practically any way you want. However, as the most economical option, laminate can burn, blister and show signs of wear and tear when exposed to heat. Water can also find its way into your benchtop via joints with inner materials susceptible to swelling.
✔ Most economical option
✔ Wide range of designs, colours and styles
✘ Not as durable as granite or engineered stone
✘ Vulnerable to cuts and heat
✘ Can swell when exposed to water

#5 – Stainless Steel

Stainless steel benchtops are hygienic and robust, having migrated from commercial kitchens to residential settings.  However, the restaurant aesthetic isn’t for everyone’s tastes. A highly durable surface, stainless steel combines a chic finish with a long-lasting finish that’s easy to clean and won’t easily stain (hence the name).
✔ Resistant to heat, rust, water and fire
✔ Stain free from oil, wine and anything else you spill on it
✘ Scratches may build up over time
✘ Noisy surface when using pots and pans
✘ Appearance can look cold and sterile vs. natural stone

Unlock the potential of your kitchen with Granite Warehouse

When it comes to choosing a new kitchen benchtop, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by your choices. Even when you’ve factored in your budget, aesthetic goals and functionality, it’s tough to pick a favourite.  That’s where we can help.  With more than 200 stones to choose from, Granite Warehouse has the stunning benchtop you need to transform your kitchen. We’re passionate about helping our customers fall in love with their homes all over again whether you’re planning a small home improvement project or a major renovation. With over 40 years of experience, we’re here to help you choose the product that’s right for you, so reach out and speak to a member of the team today!
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