How To Select A Granite Countertop: A Buyer’s Guide

Make a solid choice for your solid surface benchtop with these helpful purchasing tips. Creating a new kitchen or bathroom space is all about being creative and functional. And when it comes to benchtop materials, perhaps none manages both as well as granite. This material is incredibly durable, easy to maintain, and provides a uniqueness all its own with all of the different natural options available. But how to select a granite benchtop from the wide variety of options can be a daunting task. However, in our experience, we have found that shoppers are able to narrow down the playing field based on the following set of tips and tricks we’ve put together. These will help you hone in on your honed stone and give you a look you’ll love.

4 top tips for selecting a granite countertop

#1. Coordinate your cabinetry

Whether you start with your cabinets or start with your slab, the two major factors in a kitchen or bath when it comes to coordination are the cabinetry and counters. It can help to commit to one or the other to start and then use the commitment as a cornerstone of your design.  For example, if you have selected white cabinetry, you might want to look for granite that incorporates white in its grain lines like Black Forest or Cosmic Black. Or you might want to go for a stark modern design and have both white cabinets and white granite with darker grains like Alaska White. The idea is to coordinate these together to your tastes. 

#2. Choose the light or the dark side

Let’s say you are starting with your benchtop and want the granite to be the focal point of the space. That’s perfectly fine, but you’ll have to start somewhere to narrow down your options. One way to do this is to choose whether you want light, medium, or dark stone and work your way through the options from there.  Light coloured granite can help brighten a space while adding visual interest through a variety of grains and speckling. Some even come with metallics incorporated to give them a unique shine. Medium or mid-tone can have colourways that, again, are easy to match hues in your cabinetry especially if you are going for a natural feel. Darker stones can be statement pieces that stand out in either classic or contemporary spaces. Check out our blog: What Are The Best Stone Benchtop Colours? [And How To Choose One For Your Home]

#3. Sort out the actual slab

Be wary of buying any granite, or any stone for that matter, sight unseen. While companies will list swatches on their websites and perhaps in their showrooms for you to narrow down what you like, granite is a naturally occurring material. That means that every single block is going to be unique in how and where the grain lines are as well as the balance of colour from one spot to the next.  Work with the best granite benchtop builders in Perth to not only construct your kitchen or bath project but also to actually select the physical slab that you’ll use. It’s also important to keep in mind how your counters will be cut from the slab itself. You should work with the provider to ensure that your expectations are met when it comes to placing cut outs, such as L-shaped counters or large swaths of space, on the slab itself. 

#4. Choose the right provider

We already touched on how important it is to work with a great provider who will let you see your slab before getting started. But that’s not the only feature of an awesome seller.  You’ll want to make sure that whoever you work with has ample experience working with the materials that they’re selling. Sure, you can probably get countertops from a big box retailer, but are they specialists in their craft? Likely not, and instead they’ll be outsourcing your project to (probably) the lowest bidder. Instead, choose to work with a provider that specialises in working with natural stone and knows the details when it comes to cutting, honing, and installing it to perfectly fit your kitchen or bathroom needs.  You can also ask to see a portfolio of work in addition to the available slabs. This can give you a great sense of the before and after effect of working with that vendor. References can also be valuable especially on large and expensive projects where the outcome is essential. Customers should be ready and willing to share their own experiences and testimonials working with the vendor, and you might even find some unbiased reviews online if you look for them. 

Are granite countertops a worthwhile investment?

Sure, they aren’t the cheapest option available when it comes to benchtop materials, but what makes granite so special when it comes to kitchens and bathrooms here in Perth?  It starts with durability. Compared with other benchtop materials, including stones like quartz, granite is the most robust option on the market. It’s virtually heat resistant and scratch resistant. It’s also easy to maintain with regular sealing. And that sealant helps make it nearly water resistant as long as you wipe up spills rather efficiently to prevent any prolonged exposure and staining. It’s also completely unique, unlike other manufactured and unnatural stone products, ensuring that you’ll have a one-of-a-kind countertop in your home.  Investment wise, you’re likely to get a return as well. While you might pay a little more for granite than other stone benchtops, you can recoup up to 25% of the retail cost as your investment in home equity. Granite counters are highly sought after by home buyers, and you’re likely to appeal to the real estate market with your home upgrade.

Go granite with the pros who know: Granite Warehouse

At Granite Warehouse, we know a thing or two about, well, granite. After all, it’s in our name. It’s also actually physically in our warehouse, where we encourage our customers to come see their actual slabs in person so they can get a sense of the quality and colour before making any purchasing decisions. We have over 200 types of granite, marble, and stone in stock and ready to deliver once you’ve decided on your granite countertops. We also have over 40 years of experience in the building industry, so we’re highly experienced when it comes to handling, honing, and installing granite benchtops. We can work with you and/or your designer to ensure the best selection and quality products are used to your exact specifications to make your project truly unique and perfect. Check out our showroom today or call us on 08 9209 2620 to learn more about how you can get granite going in your home.